This year’s winter edition of Toronto Kids Fashion Week took place on November 30, 2019. This was my 3rd time having the privilege to be involved with Toronto Kids Fashion Week as a makeup artist on the Modern Makeup team. Toronto Kids Fashion Week is growing bigger and bigger each time with reputable brands such as ZARA kids joining the designers’ team. Every time I have been at this event, it has always been different and unpredictable. Working with kids as young as 3 years old definitely poses new challenges as an artist, but also new rewards. It is so refreshing to have someone that young sitting in your makeup chair because you never know what to expect with them!


When I have posted about Toronto Kids Fashion Week on social media in previous years, I often got asked “what’s it like applying makeup on kids?” Well as simple as the looks are, it can be quite challenging as most of them don’t sit still. They’re constantly moving around in the chair and swaying their feet back and forth. Most of them are not used to having makeup applied and are blinking and squinting, and touching their face the moment you turn around to get another brush. Some even start crying because they don’t like the feel of the makeup on their face and don’t want to do the show anymore. At the end of the day, they’re still kids 😌 It definitely takes some patience and a VERY steady hand 😂 But then you get other kids that sit so still like a statue because they are so excited to have makeup put on them. They ask lots of questions about every product you pick up and how you’re going to put it on their face. They ask you to take photos of them so they can see the makeup up close or even ask to take selfies with you because they loved their makeup so much. I’m just glad I didn’t get asked “where do babies come from?” like one little boy asked another makeup artist on the team. She backtracked out of that conversation like a pro 😂 I think I would’ve definitely froze in that situation.


While applying makeup on kids can definitely be a challenge, it’s also so rewarding. These little ones are so sweet and their excitement is contagious. They say the cutest things and they always want to hold your hand or hug you. My black clothes are covered in little fingerprints by the end of the day 😂 And I don’t mind one bit because how many can say that their job includes putting smiles on kids’ faces because they’re helping them live out their little runway model dreams? You can see how excited they are to be modelling, some for the very first time, in the behind the scenes images below. These are from the second Toronto Kids Fashion Week summer event that took place in June of 2019. Stay tuned for this year’s event in a future blog post!